Friday, November 4, 2011

Road Construction Enterprise Looks to MicroAge for Security Camera Solution

The Camera Never Lies

Security of premises and equipment is a priority for any business; for this large enterprise-level MicroAge client in the road construction sector, it is vital to every aspect of operations. Prevention of break-ins and destruction of company equipment are critically important, both in terms of the value of the actual equipment and the potential liability attached to trespasser injury. Building roads, highways and bridges, the company also operates vast gravel pits where multimillion dollar equipment resides. At locations across a large geographical area, the equipment was targeted by vandals and thieves, who sabotaged units, started up and moved the units, and siphoned and stole diesel fuel. After repeated occurrences in which equipment was seriously damaged and huge dollar losses in fuel theft incurred, the company approached MicroAge’s Sam Kruse to help develop an effective solution.

The company, a longstanding client, wanted security cameras that included three vital areas: day/night infrared detection, facial recognition technology, and IP telepathy capability. High mega-pixel infrared functionality allows immediate detection of trespassers, facial recognition imaging supports legal prosecution, and IP telepathy lets the client respond to Internet-based notifications from remote locations to observe activity. With all three elements in place, the client would have the technological tools in place to detect and remove the ongoing vandalism, theft and threat of liability for the company.

To meet these particular criteria, Sam extensively researched camera manufacturers to find the right fit; he found it with German manufacturer, Mobotix, which produces high-end security cameras. After consultation with Sam the client ordered a number of units for deployment at various job sites. “Initially it took a while for the cameras to come in, but since initiating the solution, the client has ordered numerous cameras as the product absolutely meets his needs,” says Sam. Further, he says, “The cameras are adaptable with wide angle and telephoto lenses, so depending on the location, the client has a clear line of sight. We made sure he had both at the outset.”

From a results standpoint, ever since the cameras were installed, there has been a marked decline in diesel fuel theft and destruction of property. The company has since ordered two additional cameras complete with license plate verification software and infrared zoom lenses along with cameras that monitor conveyor belt systems. With these solutions in place, the client is confident that it is deploying the best leading technology to reduce intrusions and destruction—all the while keeping an unblinking, electronic eye to record activity at every location.

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